Hello? Hello! This is Rei--

I finally figured out how to make this work. Welcome to my uh, Rei mind.

English ✔
Chinese (except i can't fuckin' read) ✔

they/them || 25

icon by @luschcomms

It's Rei!

ꕥ Chinese ● Nonbinary ● 24 ꕥ

Birthday: October 5th || Libra
Height: 4'10"
Blood-type: B+

eeby deeby das me!

(more to be added later lol)

Favorite Rei things, bottom text

  • I'll let y'all know when I remember

witness them :)

( artists: @luschcomms, @Eriisshu, @BanjouRyuuga, @rebootmon, @Raeyxia )
also some of my own art too mixed in \ o /